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Watch strap

Watch strap "Bund Bravus" 20m...
Please click picture to enlarge! Watch strap "Bund Bravus" Model No.: AfLc210990 Manufacturer/Brand:...
Price: 58.95 EUR End Price excl. Shipping - more...

MyAventura-03: Meyhofer leather pad watch straps with multiple ends MADE IN GERMANY

MyAventura-03: Meyhofer leather pad watch straps ...
MEYHOFER PRODUCT SERIES: MyAventura-03, pads made of leather and other materials, assorted colours,...

Ecological Watch Bands in leather look made of synthetic materials in various styles from the GREEN COLLECTION

Ecological Watch Bands in leather look made of sy...
PRODUCT-TIP: Watch straps made of high quality synthetic materials from Morellato, durable and resistant...

MyRustico-01: Watch straps rustic design from Meyhofer MADE IN GERMANY

MyRustico-01: Watch straps rustic design from Mey...
MEYHOFER PRODUCT SERIES: MyRustico-01, watch straps for Aviator watches or vintage fans, made of different...


MyClassico-03: Stylish watch straps padded from Meyhofer diversified designs MADE IN EUROPE

MyClassico-03: Stylish watch straps padded from M...
MEYHOFER PRODUCT SERIES: MyClassico-03, watch straps sporty or trendy made of different leather types,...

Design watch straps by PATTINI made of leather diverse models

Design watch straps by PATTINI made of leather di...
PRODUCT-TIP: Watch straps made of leather from the brand PATTINI, manufactured by hand in the EU, high...

Important Note

Please have a look at the following link for current information on the corona virus and its effects on international shipping. At the moment we can not deliver to an address in USA or Australia for example due to problems with transport, customs clearance and/or delivery. We kindly ask all customers to check prior to placing an order if a delivery with Warenpost International is currently available for your destination. This website will be updated on a regular basis:

>> Effects on shipping and delivery by Deutsche Post DHL<<

If you have further questions you can always contact our customer service via Email. Thank you for your understanding.

Help with the Sizes of Watch Straps/Bands

In order to find the correct strap or band for your watch you will need to know various lengths and sizes. In order to save you time and effort, we've provided some pictures and instructions to help you. (1. and 2. are very important, with 3. and 4. only required in certain situations.) See below:

1. Lug Width
Correct Lug Width for your Watch

Most of the straps available in our shop are sorted by lug width. In order to ascertain the lug width you need for your watch, please measure the distance between the lugs on your watch (the horn like parts protruding from the top and bottom of your watch).

Further Information (links to text below)

2. Length of Strap/Band
Correct watch strap length for your wrist

In order for your watch band to sit correctly, you need to buy one that's the right length for you. To do that, please measure the length of the last watch band that fitted you.

Further Information (links to text below)

3. Width of Buckle
The width of buckle or clasp for your watch straps

If you would like to use the buckle from a previous strap or band, maybe the one that came with your watch, you will need to pay attention to the buckle size in our product descriptions. This will need to coincide with the inside width of the buckle you have.

Further Information (links to text below)

4. Thickness of Strap/Band
Example Watch Strap Large Buckle

The thickness of a strap is normally only important from an aesthetic point of view. Thin, or flatter watches go best with thinner straps, whereas large robust watches need a thicker padded strap in order for the design to best be complemented.

Further Information (links to text below)

More Helpful Tips

(1) Lug Width

The notes given above regarding the Lug Width are relevant only for standard watch attachments. With special cut-in bands that fit a specific watch model we recommend an original band from the manufacturer or a design from a third party producer made particularly from your watch. (See product tips below).

Product Tip
The Original-Watch Straps and other Special Watch Bands can be found in our Online Shop under "WATCH BRANDS".

Special sizes and attachments eg. Extra-wide from 26mm, Curved ends, Uneven Lug Widths etc. can be found under "SPECIAL BANDS".

(2) Length of Strap/Band:

If you only have your current arm circumference available, please make sure that you take the length of your watch into account when estimating the length of the strap you need.

For straps with buckles, please add 3cm to that length to allow for the buckle to go into one of the holes.

Product Tip
Under the heading "SPECIAL BANDS" on our website you will find our Extra-long XL and Extra-short XS watch straps.

(3) Width of Buckle:

We don't recommend changing the clasps on metal watch bands because the sizes are never exact and the exchange is often very complex.

Clasps can also be used on nearly every standard buckle strap. The thickness of the band is important when purchasing clasps.

When changing buckles on straps, please take the size of the holes and the buckle middle piece into account.

Product Tip
Individual Buckles and Clasps for leather and synthetic straps can be found under "TOOLS & PARTS".

(4) Thickness of Strap/Band:

You can find the thickness of the bands we sell in our product descriptions.

In some of our categories you will find bands sorted by "thin" and "padded" to help you.

Product Tip
Particularly padded leather straps can be found in our "Military/Aviator" category.

If you'd like a particularly robust metal watch band we would recommend our selection of Solid Stainless Steel bands.

Watch Band Tips

Watch Band Shop: Shopping Cart... SHOPPING CART...
(complete purchase)
Ascertain watch strap lug width
Extended watch strap search function

- EASY-CLICK Bands -

Simple watch band fitting with EASY-CLICK
Fast Band Exchange:
- special spring bars
- without tools
- quick & easy
- as often as you like
Easy Change Straps

Replacement Straps
Large Selection
Watch Straps
for Branded Watches:

CASIO: Replacement watch bands
JACOB JENSEN: selected replacement bands
JUNGHANS: diverse replacement watch bands
SEIKO: a range of replacement watch bands

more replacement watch straps

Watch straps made in Europe and/or Germany
In this shop you can find high quality watch straps made in
Germany & Europe!
Watch straps Made in Germany/Europe
Watch bands for those with sensitive skin Buckles, butterfly clasps, flip clasps, slide clasps and more... Overview: Watch tools


Easy Change Watch Straps 'EASY CLICK' in a range of designs and styles

Easy Change Watch Straps 'EASY CLICK' in a range ...
PRODUCT-TIP: Easy Click Watch Straps, quick tool-free watch strap exchange... Model: Various...

Hightech watch band leather/caoutchouc of the Performance Collection by HIRSCH

Hightech watch band leather/caoutchouc of the Per...
CATEGORY-TIP: Watch bands of the Performance Collection by HIRSCH, robust, climate control... Model:...

Leather watch straps with clasp in various designs

Leather watch straps with clasp in various designs
CATEGORY TIP: Leather watch straps with clasp, various designs (grained, smooth, padded...) Model:...

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