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Watch strap 24mm dark blue FKM-Rubber sporty with EASY-CLICK (width of buckle 22 mm)

Watch strap 24mm dark blue FK...
Please click picture to enlarge! Watch strap FKM-Rubber sporty watch strap Model No.: ScKB149 (►All...
Price: 31.95 EUR End Price excl. Shipping - more...

Watch strap

Watch strap "Agueda" 18-20-22-24mm multiple ends ...
Please click picture to enlarge! Watch strap "Agueda" Model No.: MyCsklb7140 Manufacturer/Brand:...

Price: 25.95 EUR End Price excl. Shipping - more...

Watch strap 18-22mm stainless steel black multiple ends with security clasp by EULIT

Watch strap 18-22mm stainless steel black multipl...
Please click picture to enlarge! Stainless steel watch strap multiple ends Model No.: Eu-MC70-782084...

Price: 63.95 EUR End Price excl. Shipping - more...

1 Pair Spring Bars suitable depending on selection for lug widths 6-24mm (regular sizes)

1 Pair Spring Bars suitable depending on selectio...
1 Pair of spring bars for watch straps (regular sizes) Material stainless steel Sizes available: 6 - 24 mm lug widths...

Price: 1.00 EUR End Price excl. Shipping - more...


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Clive Henderson from Windsor, United Kingdom at 07.09.2023 / 18:01
Received my 4 silicone
watchstraps by Meyhofer &
Eichmuller. Excellent quality
straps. Completely satisfied.
Fast delivery also - thank you

David from San Antonio at 08.05.2023 / 03:03
May 7 2023

Received my Maurice Lacroix
leather strap. It was exactly
as I expected. Excellent
communication. Thank you

Watchbandcenter: Answer to Mike from Champaign Illinois USA at 28.02.2023 / 13:31
Yes, we are located in Germany but we have about 20 years of experience and ship to USA and other international countries on a daily basis.

Mike from Champaign Illinois USA at 28.02.2023 / 08:48
This is a .com
But it's in De
Which means I've wasted my
time looking here.

Daniel at 26.10.2022 / 09:28
Thank you,
Watch strap arrived safely ...
am very pleased with it ... top
quality as always.

Watchbandcenter: Anwer to Adam Henry at 20.04.2022 / 16:29
I am sorry to hear that you received a wrong size item.
We offered to return the wrong product and refund your postage costs and send you the correct item.

Please notice that the UK is no longer part of the EU and therefore all deliveries have to clear customs first, which can cause longer delivery times.

You have contacted us today. I have an email here from about 11am. We replied to this email around 3pm. Please reply to this email in case of further questions.

Adam Henry from WELWYN GARDEN CITY at 20.04.2022 / 14:47
I ordered the Orange 20mm Aqua
Chrono nearly 10 days ago.
Easter delayed shipping which is
completely understandable. My
watch strap arrived this
morning. It was sent correctly
and well packaged. Unfortunately
you have sent the wrong size
band. I ordered a 20mm and
received an 18mm which is hugely
disappointing. I have now sent 2
emails and called but am
awaiting a resolution to the
problem. I understand accidents
happen but when they are
identified I had hoped for a
quicker reply. Thankfully I paid
using PayPal but I am hoping to
hear that the correct one has
been resent using the quickest
delivery service... Time will

Watchbandcenter: Reply to Richard O at 15.03.2021 / 16:41
We are very sorry that you are not happy with the product you received. Watch band Limera is for sale for several years in our shop now. The length is stated in the product description. Please take into consideration that it depends on the size of your wrist and the size of your watch if a watch band is suitable. So you can not say in generel that watch band Limera will not fit proberly. It may not be the right strap for you. But we have many returning customers who re-order this item specifically and are very happy with it.

Richard O at 15.03.2021 / 13:57
I just wanted to leave a warning if you are planning to purchase a Limera Meyhofer strap for a Cartier deployment clasp as it does not fit this clasp correctly. A Cartier clasp I have since discovered needs around a 90mm length to accommodate the clasp. The Limera only has a 75mm length that attaches to the buckle of the clasp, which unless you have an extremely thin wrist will not fit correctly and force the watch face way off the centre of your wrist and be painful to wear. I have since discovered a couple of other brands such as LBS that sell generic bands that work correctly for the Cartier clasp so please save yourselves £20 and do not buy this strap. It might work for a shorter generic deployment clasp but it will not for a Cartier original.

Taff Treadwell from Tidworth UK at 24.02.2021 / 19:31
I recently purchased a STAIB
mesh/Milanaise strap from the
watch-band-center for my
Panerai; their engagement via
email throughout the sale was
great, the STAIB strap was
fantastic and delivery was
efficient and on time....
Thank you. Couldn't rate them
any higher, I'll definitely be
back when I need a new strap
and would not hesitate in
recommending them!

Mr Jim Hosford Lynch from Cork city Ireland at 30.11.2020 / 18:20
Watch Commander Ireland
As a watch collector and a
Cancer survivor it was manager
from heaven to be directed to
watch band center. Like a
child in a Sweet Shop . Lost
in Watch Band Choices . So I
placed a First Time order.
Got a Watch to match to a
Strap . Giving one of my Rolex
Explorer 11 a well deserved
rest. My Limited editions STAY
in their boxes/papers.
300 watches & building
Watch Commander Ireland
Happy Christmas one + all

Watchbandcenter: Reply to Alistair Mcbride at 06.11.2020 / 18:57
Unfortunatly our standard shipping rates are currently not available for all countries.
For Australia for example the only shipping option currently available for us is DHL parcel with crisis surcharge.
Due to Covid-19 and its impact on shipping and customs handling there is unfortunatly no cheaper options available for Australia.

Alistair Mcbride from perth at 06.11.2020 / 18:09
Hi you should review your
shipping rate to Australia,
Why is it so expensive $96 to
ship a watch strap is

Nico from The Netherlands, Europe at 04.09.2020 / 19:45
Incredible selection, like
nowhere else. Fast shipping
and excellent service. Highly

James Lee from Wales. UK. at 24.07.2020 / 18:48
Received exactly what I ordered in three
days. What a selection of bands !
I just love the fast band exchange.
Only one question,....why would you go
anywhere else ?

Jared from St. Louis at 06.03.2020 / 23:53
I've been looking for an 18mm
Isofrane-style strap forever,
so finding the Palau was like
a godsend! Can't wait for it
to arrive, what's a diver
without an Isofrane?

Roger from Ventnor, Isle of Wight, UK at 15.01.2020 / 12:34
Excellent customer service and the best
selection of quality watch straps on the
Internet. Buying another strap is easy, I
just go directly to the watch band center.

Steven J Gilbert from Caboolture South at 13.11.2019 / 06:20
This is my second band purchase
for my "Sinn" and the quality
is absolutely magnificent a
real complement ..."a German
band for a German watch" there
are no substitutes!

Matt from Connecticut, USA at 28.08.2019 / 02:07
I ordered a watchband for my dad for
his birthday. Unfortunately, the
wrong size was sent to us. But, this
company paid for the return postage
and sent the correct band in a timely
manner. I was very impressed with
the customer service from the
speedy email responses to
exchanging the product.

Will definitely use again and
recommend to friends.


Sam from Madison, MS at 25.08.2019 / 02:38
I have small wrists-- meaning that
my watch straps must be short and
thin. I HATE the current trend for
great big chunk-o-hide rustic leather
slabs. Thick leather can't conform
comfortably to a small wrist since
the curve is naturally more dramatic
than on a large-diameter wrist.

I was very pleased to receive the
Meyhofer Clarington-- it's very thin
and supple, and I love the texture of
the deerskin. Simple, elegant, and
understated-- an ideal complement
to nearly any watch. I hope Meyhofer
keeps producing these-- don't stop
stocking them!

Shipping was quite speedy, and all
my questions were answered
promptly. Thank you for a pleasant
transaction; whenever I need a new
strap, I know where to order from.

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