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Leather Belt

Leather Belt "Canberra BLT" dark brown genuine bu...
Please click picture to enlarge! Leather Belt "Canberra"- hand-made No.: MyRiS-GC03 Meyhofer Quality Belt material:...

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Help with the Sizes of Watch Straps/Bands

In order to find the correct strap or band for your watch you will need to know various lengths and sizes. In order to save you time and effort, we've provided some pictures and instructions to help you. (1. and 2. are very important, with 3. and 4. only required in certain situations.) See below:

1. Lug Width
Check your Watch Strap Lug Width

Most of the straps available in our shop are sorted by lug width. In order to ascertain the lug width you need for your watch, please measure the distance between the lugs on your watch (the horn like parts protruding from the top and bottom of your watch).

Further Information (links to below)
2. Length of Strap/Band
Length of your Watch Strap

In order for your watch band to sit correctly, you need to buy one that's the right length for you. To do that, please measure the length of the last watch band that fitted you.

Further Information (links to below)
3. Width of Buckle
Your Watch Strap's Buckle Width

If you would like to use the buckle from a previous strap or band, maybe the one that came with your watch, you will need to pay attention to the buckle size in our product descriptions. This will need to coincide with the inside width of the buckle you have.

Further Information (links to below)
4. Thickness of Strap/Band
Thickness of Watch Strap

The thickness of a strap is normally only important from an aesthetic point of view. Thin, or flatter watches go best with thinner straps, whereas large robust watches need a thicker padded strap in order for the design to best be complemented

Further Information (links to below)

Sizing Information

The lug width sizes are given in millimeters and total length of watch bands is stated in centimeters. If you would like to have the value in inch, please view the following chart or use converter below.



6 mm


8 mm


10 mm

3/8 "

12 mm


13 mm


14 mm


15 mm


16 mm


17 mm


18 mm


19 mm


20 mm


21 mm


22 mm


24 mm





Note: 1 Inch = 2.54 cm, 1 cm = 10 mm

Further helpful Tips

Lug Width:
The notes given above regarding the Lug Width are relevant only for standard watch attachments. With special cut-in bands that fit a specific watch model we recommend an original band from the manufacturer or a design from a third party producer made particularly from your watch. (See product tips below).

Product tip:
The Original-Watch Straps and other Special Watch Bands can be found in our Online Shop under "WATCH BRANDS".

Special sizes and attachments eg. Extra-wide from 26mm, Curved ends, Uneven Lug Widths etc. can be found under "SPECIAL BANDS".

Length of Strap/Band:
If you only have your current arm circumference available, please make sure that you take the length of your watch into account when estimating the length of the strap you need.

For straps with buckles, please add 3cm to that length to allow for the buckle to go into one of the holes.

Product tip:
Under the heading "SPECIAL BANDS" on our website you will find our Extra-long XL and Extra-short XS watch straps.

Width of Buckle:
We don't recommend changing the clasps on metal watch bands because the sizes are never exact and the exchange is often very complex

FClasps can also be used on nearly every standard buckle strap. The thickness of the band is important when purchasing clasps..

When changing buckles on straps, please take the size of the holes and the buckle middle piece into account.

Product tip:
Individual Buckes and Clasps for leather and synthetic straps can be found under "ACCESSORIES".

Thickness of Strap/Band:
You can find the thickness of the bands we sell in our product descriptions.

In some of our categories you will find bands sorted by "thin" and "padded" to help you.

Product tip:
Particularly padded leather straps can be found in our "Military/Aviator" category.
If you'd like a particularly robust metal watch band we would recommend our selection of Solid Stainless Steel bands.

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Watch strap

Watch strap "Rugged 2" 24mm b...
Please click picture to enlarge! Watch strap "Rugged 2" Model No.: Gk-LB81 Suitable for: Panerai (buckle)...
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