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Your Shop for Watch Straps and more...

Watch Straps and Accessories from your specialist,

WATCH BAND SPECIALIST: We offer a very large selection of watch bands, made out of Leather, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Caoutchouc, Textile, Nylon, Synthetic and others from a range of European manufacturers and brands. We stock straps and bands for every budget; value bands and exclusive straps from prestigious manufacturers, all at great prices. Of course you'll also be able to find replacement watch straps suitable for, and from a range of well known watch brands. WATCH TOOLS & PARTS: We stock a range of watch tools for fitting, adapting and repairing watch straps, as well as buckles and clasps for leather, synthetic, and metal watch straps. ACCESSORIES: To go along with our selection of watch straps, tools and parts, we stock a range of accessories including watch cases, belts and wristwear.

International Shipping, Exotic Straps, Special Sizes
1. ACCESSORIES Watchbandcenter web design
Watchbandcenter web design
Belts, Watch Cases,  Wristwear and more...

Watch Cases, Belts, Wristbands...

Selected watch cases in various sizes, quality leather belts in a range of lengths, wristbands and bangles! All here online at your watch strap specialist

...all Accessories

Watchbandcenter web design
2. LEATHER STRAPS Watchbandcenter web design
Watchbandcenter web design
Huge choice of Leather Watch Straps

Extensive Range of LEATHER Watch Straps ...

Unique range of watch straps made of leather, - from basic to premium, made of different types of leather, in many designs and from a range of brands and manufacturers from the whole of Europe! Handmade and exotic leather watch straps with clasps and buckles are all here on our website!

...all Leather Watch Straps

Watchbandcenter web design
3. METAL BANDS Watchbandcenter web design
Watchbandcenter web design
Selected Watch Bands made of Metal

Our Range of METAL Watch Bands...

Large offering of solid and folded metal watch bands in a range of metals in different price bands and designs from a range of manufacturers! Stainless steel watch bands, titanium watch bands and more from your watch band specialist

...all Metal Watch Bands

Watchbandcenter web design
4. SYNTHETIC BANDS Watchbandcenter web design
Watchbandcenter web design
Various Synthetic Watch Bands

In our range of SYNTHETIC Watch Bands...

Is an eclectic mix of caoutchouc, silicone, textile and velcro watch bands all at a fair price. At your watch band specialist we have selected great watch bands made out of various synthetic materials in lots of colours and designs for you to check out and buy!

...all Synthetic Watch Bands

Watchbandcenter web design
5. SPECIAL BANDS Watchbandcenter web design
Watchbandcenter web design
Special Watch Bands

Spoilt for choice in SPECIAL Watch Bands...

Large choice of XL, extra-wide, irregular, and uneven lug width watch bands with special sizes, lengths and attachments made out of various materials - also for fixed pins/bars, curved ends and more! Your watch strap specialist - not just the standard!

...all Special Watch Bands

Watchbandcenter web design
6. SPECIAL DESIGN Watchbandcenter web design
Watchbandcenter web design
Watch Straps - Special Designs

Our SPECIAL DESIGN Watch band selection...

Here you will find a wide range of special design watch straps for your particular taste. Watch bands in lots of designs and styles including casual, sporty, fashion, military and antique styles, made out of various materials - something for every need!

...all Special Design Watch Bands

Watchbandcenter web design
7. WATCH BRANDS Watchbandcenter web design
Watchbandcenter web design
Watch Bands especially for Branded Watches

Watch Straps for WATCH BRANDS...

A growing range of original replacement bands and watch straps suitable for chosen branded watches made by third party manufacturers! Steinhart, Junker and Casio are just a few of our selection of watch straps for watch brands from your watch strap specialist.

...all Replacement Watch Straps

Watchbandcenter web design
8. WATCH TOOLS & PARTS Watchbandcenter web design
Watchbandcenter web design
Selected Watch Tools and Parts: Watch Tools, Buckles, Clasps etc.

Watch TOOLS & PARTS...

Watch tools, buckles, clasps and watch cases are just a few of the tools and parts available in our great offering of articles and products for your whole watch or watch strap, from basic to premium. We also have products for changing straps, repairs, care and more! All from your watch strap specialist

...all Watch Tools & Parts

Watchbandcenter web design
Notes for this Watch Strap and Watch Band Shop:
We have sorted our shop into 8 shop sections, shown above, at the top of our web page and on the left hand side of the website. We've done that in the hope that it will be easier to navigate through our vast range of watch straps, watches and other products. WATCHBANDCENTER offer you more than just watch bands, or watch straps. An overview of all brands we stock can be seen by clicking on "All Brands...". Tips, hints and help can be found in our help section, and in the footer at the bottom of every page. If you have any questions about watch straps or bands or other products that we sell that are still unanswered, then please feel free to contact us, using the "Contact us" link or by emailing us at
If you're looking for a new watch strap, please make sure you've measured the lug width of your old watch strap or band. Our watch straps and bands are organised by lug width, so once you know, you can choose from any strap or band in the category you choose. You can also use our search function (top left of the shop) to find your perfect product. Take your time and check out our huge range of watch straps, wrist watches, pocket watches, watch accessories and other great watch related products!

Watch Straps - Uhrenarmbaender

This Shop is powered by UHRENBANDVERSAND -
Germany´s watch band specialist!

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Leather Belt

Leather Belt "Canberra BLT" dark brown genuine bu...
Please click picture to enlarge! Leather Belt "Canberra"- hand-made No.: MyRiS-GC03 Meyhofer Quality Belt material:...

Price: 65.95 EUR End Price excl. Shipping - more...


Watch strap

Watch strap "Vinay" 21mm anti...
Please click picture to enlarge! Watch strap "Vinay" Model No.: MyHeS-LB138 Manufacturer/Brand:...
Price: 28.95 EUR End Price excl. Shipping - more...

Watch Strap and Watch Band Information Center

- Watch Band Measurements - Lug Width, Length, Width of Buckle
- Exchanging Watch Straps and Buckles, a pictured guide
- Shortening Metal Watch Bands (Bands with Links eg.BEAR)
- Shortening Metal Expansion Bands (eg. ROWI)

- Hirsch Leonardo Assembly Guide for Hirsch Watches
- How a Watch Strap is made (eg BARINGTON)
- The Swiss Full-Bugg Technique for Watch Straps by RIOS1931
- Watch Straps by DI-MODELL - Quality "Made in Germany"

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A watch strap or watch band is no longer simply a throw-away product that just serves the purpose of keeping a watch on your wrist, it a so much more than that. It affects the whole look and feel of your watch and personal style. In the same way that a watch isn't just a means of telling the time, but a fashion accessory, the watch strap has developed too. There are now watch straps available in lots of different styles (classic, modern, vintage, sporty, rustic, waterproof etc.) and made out of various materials (Leather, Caoutchouc, Silicone, Textile, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Aluminium...). Our aim for this shop is to present you with the widest range possible to give you the best chance of finding exactly what you need for your watch and your style. We have everything from basic to luxury, simple to exotic, purely functional to extravagant... along with watch straps in extra long or extra short sizes and other special designs. Some watch straps have a special lug end or attachment which needs a specific replacement, often an original strap from the manufacturer. A selection of belts and watch accessories (watch tools, watch boxes, buckles and clasps) complete our ever increasing product range.

Enjoy your Shopping Experience - Your Watch Strap Specialist!

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